REPAIRS: Most of the  machines we see just need a new ribbon and a solid cleaning and oiling. That usually costs around $30.

If a typewriter needs more extensive work, or needs parts, we will tell you what the cost will be BEFORE we start work. We don't wan't you to get stuck  paying for more than you bargained for.

Again, we recommend bringing it in, as shipping is insane.

SELLING OR DONATING YOUR TYPEWRITER: A lot of people just don't want to see that old beauty end up at the dump, and they drop it off with us as a donation. You can do this any time at our storefront, RiverRun Bookstore, at 142 Fleet St., Portsmouth NH.

    We will occasionally BUY old typewriters for $25 or $50 dollars depending on their condition. We are NOT an antiques dealer, and as such do not want to pay top dollar for your perfectly restored Blickensderfer. Sorry.

BUYING TYPEWRITERS: It's best to come see us. We usually have about a dozen typewriters for sale at any given time, and we will try to post some on this site, but remember, it costs about $50 to ship a typewriter, so if you can make it to Portsmouth, that's the best way to go.